The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra

1. Liberty City[10:51] Soloists: Vincent NIsson (tb), Tomas Franck(ts),
Anders Chico Lindvall (g), Henrik Bolberg Pedersen (tp)
2. All These Years[4:14] Soloist: Vincent Nilsson (tb)
3. Brighter Daze[6:59] Soloists: Lars Togeby (tp), Anders Chico Lindvall (g)
4. Uffe's Solo[7:01] Soloist: Uffe Markussen (ts)
5. At Our House[6:47] Soloists: Lise Dandanell (voc), Henrik Bolberg Pedersen (tp), Vincent Nilsson (tb)
6. Deelirium[5:58] Soloists: Uffe Markussen (ts),Tomnas Franck (ts)
7. That Special Feeling[4:20] Soloists: Lise Dandanell (voc), Claus Waidtløw (as)
8. Havets herrer (Masters of the Sea)[8:21] Soloists: Tomas Franck (ts), Vincent Nilsson (th)
9. Atlantic Avenue[2:59] Soloists: Lise Dandanell (voc), Uffe Markussen (ts)
10. Day[3:57] Soloists: Ethan Weisgard (perc), Anders Chico Lindvall (9),
Michael Hove (as), Henrik Bolherg Pedersen (tp),Steen Hansen (tb)
11. This Train [7:57] Soloists: Henrik Bolberg Pedersen (tp), Anders Chico Lindvall (g), Ray Pits (keyb)

Conductor: Ray Pitts.

Trumpets: Benny Rosenfeld (lead), Palle Bolvig, Henrik Bolberg Pedersen, Lars Togeby, Perry Knudsen.

Trombones : Vincent Nussen (lead), Steen Hansen, Ture Larsen,
Niels Gerhardt/Jan 01ev Lundberg, Axel windfeld

Reeds: Jan zum Vohrde (lead), Michael Hove/Claus Waidtløw,
Uffe Markussen Tomas Franck, Flemming Madsen.

Rhytm section: Nikolaj Bentzon (p), Anders Chico Lindvall/Bjarne Roupi (g),
Thomas Ovesen (b), Jonas Johansen (dm). Ethan Weisgard (perc).

Special guests: Lise Dandanell (vo), Ray Pitts (keyb).

Recorded October 14-25.1991 at Studio 3. Broadcast House, Copenhagen.
Producer: Peder Kragerup. Recording engineer: Ronald SkovdaL
Executive producers. Henrik Rerdam & Peter H. Larsen.
Cover designs: Lars Møller Nielsen. Photoes Carl Rosenstein, Gorm Valentin

All compositons, arrangements, and lyrics by Ray Pitts.

© & ® 1997
dacapo, Copenhagen

DCCD 9428

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